Letters to the Editor: Traffic, Parking, Towing Make F.C. Less Appealing

Letters to the Editor: July 25 – 31, 2019

Traffic, Parking, Towing Make F.C. Less Appealing


It’s laughable — July 18 News-Press editorial — to suggest that Falls Church needs residential development to create critical population mass for restaurants. Falls Church is nearly surrounded by diverse/populated and well-off Fairfax County and abuts similar Arlington County, both with countless thriving eateries.

What distinguishes — and hinders — City places compared to County dining choices? Three things: traffic, parking, and predatory towing.

Until those are addressed Falls Church remains a much less appealing destination.

Gabe Goldberg

Falls Church

Astonished at Size Of House Going Up In the Little City


Regarding Rachel Clark’s observation about that ridiculous mini-chateau under construction at West St. and Laura Dr. — I am glad to know that someone else shares in my astonishment over its design and footprint on the property. I pass it every morning on my way to my job as an architect.

I really feel sorry for the adjacent house which now lays in the shadows of this thing.

We can all be reassured that if Disney ever needs a film location for its next princess movie they can film there.

Sarah Rosenthal

Falls Church

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