F.C. Council Member Letty Hardi Announces Re-Election Bid

With the deadline to file less than three weeks away, first-term Falls Church City Council member Letty Hardi announced on Facebook today her plans to seek a second four-year term in this November’s election. Her eagerly-awaited decision means that all three incumbents whose seats will be up in the coming election will be running again, including Mayor David Tarter and Council member Phil Duncan.     

Hardi’s timely announcement comes on the eve of the City’s annual Memorial Day Parade and Festival Monday when thousands of City residents will join thousands more from throughout the region to enjoy the festivities, and ample opportunities will present themselves for the circulation of petitions to secure the 120 valid signatures of registered City voters required to qualify for the ballot.      

In her Facebook statement, Hardi said the following”     

“As an introvert and mother of young kids, this is the *last* job I’d ever thought I’d do. And nearly 4 years in, the decision has been even harder this time – especially knowing what I know now!

“On the flip side, I can see the impact of our Monday night decisions, which has been fulfilling and luckily, sustaining for those late nights when I miss bedtime with my kids. 4 years ago, we were nowhere close to a path forward for the high school. 4 years ago, I had not yet cast my vote to proceed with Founders Row. 4 years ago, we didn’t yet have a more restrictive gun ordinance, bikeshare, pedestrian improvements, an expanded Mt. Daniel, new restaurants, downtown tree lights, new public parking spaces, a Miller House, curbside composting, updated parks, pinwheel gardens, recognition of Indigenous People’s Day or Hispanic Heritage Month…there is a lot to be proud of, but we still have much left to do.

“So with that – yes. Yes, I will run again and hope to continue to bring the rigorous and balanced decision-making, diligence, and transparency to the job I promised 4 years ago. I’ve asked friends to help me collect signatures in the coming weeks; I’d be honored to have your signature in getting me on the ballot and earning your vote in November.”