Northam Declares ‘2nd Chance Month’

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has issued a proclamation declaring May as Second Chance Month in Virginia. During the month, the governor and members of his administration will facilitate conversations and participate in events focused on criminal justice reform and reentry programming. The Northam administration has stated that it is committed to ensuring that returning citizens have the support and resources they need to be successful and make positive contributions in their communities.

“Redemption is a fundamental American value, and I believe that returning citizens who have repaid their debt to society deserve a second chance,” said Northam. “We recognize that former offenders face many challenges after their release — from finding a job to obtaining housing and healthcare. That is why my administration will remain focused on providing effective reentry services to transform lives and create safer communities for all Virginians.” Last week, Northam announced that he will not sign any new mandatory minimum sentence legislation for the remainder of his term in office.