2024-05-28 12:42 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School students traveled to a national MathCON math competition in Chicago over the weekend. Nine hundred students out of 48,000+ who took the online test from across the nation in grades 5-12 qualified to advance to the national finals. MathCON is a nonprofit national mathematics organization that runs the annual student competition.

The TJ students who competed were Nick Zochowski, Atticus Kim, Tyler Huang, Jacob Kalafus and Zoe Kalafat. Zochowski, Kim, Huang, and Kalafus all earned Honorable Mentions at the competition. The Henderson students who competed were Alex Vennebush, Christopher Draper, Eli Vennebush, Ashwin Colby and Robert Fritsch. Alex Vennebush won a gold medal, Eli Vennebush won a silver medal and Draper and Colby earned Honorable Mentions.





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