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Letters: F.C. School Performance Was Joy to Behold

Letters to the Editor: April 11 – 17, 2019

F.C. School Performance Was Joy to Behold


Last Wednesday evening, my wife and I attended a musical event at George Mason High School. We were there to witness the performance of my first grade grandson and his classmates. I prepared myself for what I believed would be a game effort with a trove of miscues and false starts but also valiant efforts on the part of the first graders and adults involved. What we witnessed and enjoyed to the bone was excellence. What the hundreds in attendance saw was a top-level production drawn out of the hearts, minds and bodies of six-year-old children. It was a joy to behold.

Every first grade student filled the stage the entire time and played a part and no part was small. The play went on without a hitch. The children performed as if each had extraordinary confidence in their talent and each of them exuded total delight as they sang and acted in total sync. The songs, the singing and blocking were complex. The audience in the packed auditorium could easily see this and they were transfixed. Each knew that the amazing outcome was brought about through the time, talents, patience and devotion of every adult who touched it.

These kinds of outcomes do not just happen. They are the result of the hard work of individuals who believe that their students and children are capable of more than they know. These outcomes are the result of hours of unselfish effort and the collaboration of the best of professionals and most loving and focused parents coming together with a shared vision.

Congratulations to all the teachers, to the incomparable music specialist, to the principal and his staff and to every parent who engaged is this meaningful effort. And congratulations to the central office staff who work to ensure that those professionals who made the show happen are where we need them to be and doing what we need them to be doing, sharing their talent and dedication in Falls Church City Schools.

Dick and Patti Doyle

Falls Church





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