Letters to the Editor: Art’s Was a Successful Neighborhood Business

Letters to the Editor: April 4 – 10, 2019


I am the previous owner of Art’s Tavern/Mark’s Pub. I owned the Tavern for five years. I want to verify some facts and comment on the article “Rebirth of Marks Pub.”

To verify facts about Art’s “iteration” refer to the articles written by the News-Press during my ownership listing rave reviews of the food and the concept of the Tavern. It was well received by locals, people new to the area as well as people passing through. It had a hometown feel that attracted many. This is proven by the 1,200+ plus followers on our Facebook page! Art’s hosted many alumni events for McLean, Marshall and George Mason High Schools. The patrons celebrated birthdays, retirements, Christmas parties and reunion gatherings.

The statement printed in the article “not ever catching on with the patrons” is not accurate. Visit Art’s Tavern Facebook photos and you will see many local patrons dining, playing trivia, dancing to live music, karaoke and special events. We had an extensive menu offering a variety of choices.

Some favorites were fish /shrimp tacos, Mediterranean salad, calamari, homemade soups/chili and our Tavern burger. All our food was made “with love” by either myself or my chefs. At the Falls Church Festival we participated in under my management, we were one of the highest ticketed booths. Our features were fish tacos and homemade chili bowls. It is inaccurate to say “the weakened brand” was the problem under Lisa’s management. Maybe it was the food choice?

The reality is, Art’s/Mark’s has been a successful neighborhood for over 30 years. I wish every business owner a successful journey. My words to the new owners are focus on what you’re doing today instead of your interpretation of the past. I hope the next time the News-Press does a spotlight they stick to the positives of the new business and check the facts.

Sharon Sachs

Via the Internet

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