Women’s History March in Downtown F.C. Sunday

Beginning at 1 p.m. Sunday, the first Women’s History March in Falls Church will kick off from the area of the Tinner Hill Monument in front of the Target on S. Washington Street, to culminate one mile up the road at Cherry Hill Park.

Honored marshals for the march will be long-time City activists and public servants Nikki Graves Henderson, Lindy Hockenberry, Laura Hull and Jane Scully. Falls Church Vice Mayor Marybeth Connelly is the principal organizer of the event.

There will be 19 “stops” on the parade route to call attention to the contributions of key women in the Little City’s history, beginning with ones for Harriet Brice, Mary White, Harriet Foote Turner, Tanya Gaskins Hardy, Cay Wiant, Nancy Sprague, Fran Richardson, Leah Porzel, Mildred Tinner Leake, Caroline Kerfoot, Mary Ellen Henderson, Louisa Henderson, Eliza Henderson, Edna Frady, Cathy Kaye, Jane Dexter, Betty Blystone, Marty Meserve, Betsy Read, Lola Saunders, Carol DeLong, Sarah Wren, Barbara Cram, Midge Wang, Mattie Gundry, Jessie Thackrey, Viola Hudson, Jackie Bong Wright, Marian Costner Selby, Alixa Naff, Andrew Brown, Mary Riley Styles, Mary “Mollie” Edwards Pultz Riley, Ruby Bolster, Merelyn Kaye, Audrey Kelly, Mary Madeline King and Mildred Pope.