Letters to the Editor: Broad St. Construction Is Hurting Falls Church Small Businesses

Letters to the Editor: March 14 – 20, 2019

Broad St. Construction Is Hurting Falls Church Small Businesses


New projects along Broad St were granted many incentives. Now with traffic restricted to only one lane in each direction, drivers are trying to avoid the area thus making it difficult for small businesses who have been paying taxes for decades.

The developers should be made to do the work at night.

Tim Hayes

Falls Church

We Need to Act Now to Mitigate Climate Change


In her March 7 column, Penny Gross reminds us that “climate change and weather emergencies are not going away, so preparedness is crucial to survival.” She describes important conversations that took place at a recent meeting of the National Association of Counties about the efforts to improve communities’ resilience to the effects of climate change, from flooding to wildfires to blizzards.

We absolutely need to cultivate resilience to adapt to the consequences of climate change that we are already facing, and, as a Fairfax County resident, I’m glad Ms. Gross and her colleagues are working on this problem. But let’s not forget the crucial next step: We must also act now to mitigate climate change, so that the consequences don’t become completely unmanageable. On this front, there is some good news: The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is a bill with bipartisan support that will drastically reduce CO2 emissions in the U.S.

Yes, our communities need to adapt to climate change and increase our preparedness. And we need to put measures in place to mitigate it and prevent further escalation of the problem.

Rose Hendricks

Falls Church

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