West End Developers: ‘Dialogue Begun With Va. Tech, WMATA’

A RENDERING OF the City’s West End Development project. (Rendering: EYA, PN Hoffman, Regency Centers)

Spokesmen for the team of EYA, PN Hoffman and Regency, the team chosen by the Falls Church City Council to design and implement the dense economic development of 10.3 acres of land at the West End of the City where George Mason High School currently sits, told the F.C. City Council at its work session Tuesday night that “a dialogue has already begun” with two key neighbors to the site — Virginia Tech and WMATA (its West Falls Church Metro site) —for a potential coordination on the planning and development of all the sites simultaneously.

The developers’ application for special exceptions to develop the 10.3 acres was before the Council Tuesday, and details and modifications in the plans that came out Tuesday included the plan for the grocery at the W. Broad (Route 7) and Haycock intersection to be 43,000 square feet with a front on Route 7, plans for retail to line both sides of the center promenade with a “carefully calibrated width” to invite shopping on both sides and the use of 1,200 – 1,500 square foot kiosks in the center space, for a 760 capacity car garage, for a range to encompass 969 residential units, for a hotel of 80,000 – 100,000 square feet from one of among four brands currently, for 40 – 50 street parking spaces, for 140 trees covering 5.5 percent of the site with tree canopy.