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Letters to the Editor: No Need for Proposed W&OD Trail Changes


Letters to the Editor: December 13 – 19, 2018


No Need for Proposed W&OD Trail Changes


I concur in Mr. Comella’s opinion that the proposed alterations to the W&OD Trail (in the city’s boundaries) are gratuitous [Letters to the Editor, Dec. 6 – 12, 2018]. Indeed, they are likely worse that that, in terms of environmental impact — there is a fair amount of wildlife making the W&OD Trail park a home. In my opinion, it seems that someone wants a project to command.

Even assuming that the proposed changes do some good per se, what good is it doing this in so limited a span? I’m a long-time cyclist, and I don’t see such a need as the proposal claims, neither here nor in any of the other 44 miles of W&OD Trail, Shirlington to Purcellville. There might be some good to extend the trail westwards to Round Hill.

Dan Lehman

Falls Church


City Arborist Should Do Better Job Protecting Trees


It is said that the City of Falls Church has been designated a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation. You would not know that from recent experience in Broadmont. In preparation for new construction on a lot in the area, after the old house was demolished, the entire lot was clear cut — up to 10 mature trees removed. Many of these were at the rear of the lot, not noticeably in way of construction, and one in the front on the side, also not noticeably in the way.

Presumably the city arborist was involved in the permitting process. It seems that we have a city executioner, not arborist, when it comes to tree preservation. Yes, this is private property, and it should be the city’s job to try to preserve tree cover wherever it is.

Ironically, the general contractor uses the word “green” in its name.

It is this kind of development, the kind that puts ease of construction over longer term environmental benefits, that Falls Church should be trying to avoid. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with home construction, but there is something wrong with construction that unnecessarily clears land of existing cover because it is simply easier to do.

One expects our city administrators to take greater care in working with property owners in the permitting process to achieve a more environmentally friendly outcome.

David McCloud

Falls Church


Lessen Government Regulatory & Taxing Reach


Stephen Spitz and Nancy Morgan have some great ideas for what most people can agree is the problem of too much money in politics [Letters to the Editor, Dec. 6 – 12, 2018]. Why not take their idea of introducing new and creative ways to finance political campaigns, which moneyed interests will find new and creative ways to exploit, and simplify it? How about lessening government’s regulatory and taxing reach into everybody’s lives?

Special interests wouldn’t spend so much money investing in politicians if they didn’t expect such a great return on their investment. As David Burge once wrote, “If you want money out of politics get politics out of money.”

Jeff Walyus



Schools Should Look at Non-Sugar References


In response to article on page 18 in the Dec 6-12 issue, congratulations to the Falls Church teams and staff and coaches for bringing fun into the engineering classroom. Thanks for the important positively encouraging introduction of the sciences in elementary school.

I am sorry to learn Space Donuts did not place. The article mentioned Krispy Kremes were being wolfed down in the halls. (Not Astro Doughnuts? A missed marketing opportunity when NASA scientists were recruited to help the kids.)

All sweet talk aside, sugar is being discussed by many nutritionists as a substance of concern. Just google it, and you will find TED talks or YouTubers addressing its range of effects…not just cavities.

Perhaps an early introduction of nutrition class may benefit all.

Instead of Space Donuts, how about a contest for another name without sugar references.

Space Ace? Space Go-nuts! Eat a light nutritious meal before the next competition. More importantly, a good night’s sleep before you compete.

Helen Litoy

Falls Church


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