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Dogwood Tavern Honors Hugh Brown with ‘Mr. Brown’s Rusty Nail’

(Photo: Dogwood Tavern)

Falls Church’s Dogwood Tavern is honoring Hugh Brown, the longtime owner of Brown’s Hardware who passed away Monday at the age of 92, with a cocktail.

“Mr. Brown’s Rusty Nail,” will be available starting Monday as the Little City sports bar’s drink of the week. The twist on the classic cocktail is a mix of Drambuie, scotch and cinnamon syrup with a cinnamon stick and orange rind garnish.

In an email to the News-Press, Dogwood Tavern owner Chris Leftbom said “For over a decade, Mr. Brown at Brown’s Hardware has been as helpful as could be to all the Dogwood Tavern staff whenever we needed help with our purchase. We were so sad to hear of his passing.”