Lease Extended on Temporary City Hall

City Hall renovation project director James Mack. (Photo: News-Press)

The Falls Church City Council Monday voted to extend the lease of the City’s temporary City Hall offices at 400 N. Washington by three months to the end of March 2019. City Manager Wyatt Shields stated that the time needed to complete the work on the newly-renovated City Hall would be only two months, to the end of February, but the extra month was only for unexpected contingencies.

The three additional months will be at a cost of $39,400 at 400 N. Washington, and for police services at a temporary office at 450 W. Broad an additional $4,077. James Mack, the project director for the City of the City Hall renovation, gave the Council an update on that work Monday, predicting it will be ready for moving in by mid-February 2019, that it is 70 percent complete as of this week.