Local Commentary

Editorial: A Blue Wave of Civility, Compassion

Speaking before a large contingent of Northern Virginia Asian-Americans at an event in McLean Tuesday night. U.S. Senator Tim Kaine came up with yet another creative way of expressing the implications of what has become a deep moral divide that has separated the nation’s two political parties. Kaine was there to throw his support behind 10th Congressional District Democratic candidate Jennifer Wexton, who is mounting a fierce effort to unseat Republican incumbent Barbara Comstock as part of a national Blue (Democratic) Wave in the coming Nov. 6 election, more specifically, a feminist blue wave.

“Yes, we need a blue wave,” Kaine said. “We need a blue wave of Democratic victories. But more than that, I think, we need a blue wave of decency, of civility, of values, of character, of compassion and of community.”

Elections, he said, “are about who we are and who we aren’t,” adding that in the current political situation, “No one is telling their children to act more like the president…There are no lessons to young people to be found in his behavior and morality.”

That affects not only President Trump, but everyone who’s chosen to go to the wall to defend him, which is almost every Republican elected official and high-profile fundamentalist religious leaders, like Franklin Graham. What a despicable situation that a religious leader cannot be touted as a moral leader or a role model for the nation’s youth, as has become so clear in the past year for Graham and many like him.

So now the moral high ground has been ceded to the Democratic Party, and in this context, it is so important that Democratic leaders are rising to that challenge with the simple moral imperative of being responsive to their constituents, of taking the issues of their districts and communities as the top priorities that they should be for governing fairly, honestly and compassionately.

No, it isn’t just that the candidates are Democrats, not Republicans, or women and not men, or minorities and not white, or gay, lesbian or transgender and not straight. It’s not that, at all. It’s that the Republican candidates have by association with Trump, his personal character and his policies (which are in line), taken the moral low road, the road of deceit, corruption, hypocrisy and lies, the road no parent would ever wish a child to take.

In the City of Falls Church, we have only two electoral races on our ballot, for U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress. In both cases, we know the incumbents very well and are more than wholehearted in our support. It doesn’t get any better than Tim Kaine and Don Beyer.

Elsewhere in Virginia, our support goes to Wexton, to Abigail Spanberger against incumbent Dave Brat in the 7th, to Elaine Luna against Scott Taylor in the 2nd, and to Leslie Cockburn against Denver Riggleman in the 5th.