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F.C. Shelter Welcomes Execs, Requests Volunteers

The Friends of Falls Church Homeless Shelter has elected a new Chair of its Board of Directors, Robert Fletcher, and appointed a new Executive Director, Hannah Jordan, both of Falls Church.

The Board has also elected two new members, Brandon Alexander and Martha Mothershead and welcomes them to its team.

The shelter’s doors will open for the hypothermia season on Nov. 15 and will remain open through April 1. Training sessions for new volunteers to serve evening shifts alongside a staff member will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 23 and Thursday, Nov. 1st at 6:30 p.m. at the shelter (217 Gordon Rd., Falls Church). Interested volunteers need to attend one of these two mandatory sessions.

For more information or to confirm attendance at a mandatory session, e-mail the shelter at or

To learn more about the Falls Church Homeless Shelter, visit