Letters to the Editor: Respect VML Suggestion, Stop Pushing for Fly Loft


Letters to the Editor: October 11 – 17, 2018


Respect VML Suggestion, Stop Pushing for Fly Loft


I beg you, stop your campaign to whip up support for a “fly loft.” If a fly loft is truly dangerous, as the Virginia Municipal League (our insurance provider) suggests, then it endangers students and the resulting liability endangers the system financially. VML is a non-partisan and non-profit association of local governments — we should respect their experience and wisdom.

The News-Press reports that the Virginia Department of Education “strongly discourages” fly lofts, but your articles suggest we ignore guidance. Perhaps some are fooled by the title “independent City,” but under Virginia law, Falls Church “exercises all powers … conferred upon or delegated … (by) the Commonwealth.” In fact, school board members are officers of the Commonwealth charged with interpreting for local use Commonwealth policy. The City is not empowered to flout State policy at our whim and it is unwise to create policy and legal liabilities in Richmond.

Clearly, the call for a fly loft reflects our commitment to provide the best for our children. But as all parents know, there must be limits. No compelling counter argument is offered for breaking the rules. You say instead that some recent productions could not be performed without it. That’s silly — they’d be different, but they can’t be impossible. To say that our facilities make us first class is both a failure of the imagination and a misunderstanding of what makes us great. It’s people that matter: school and City staff, students, and the community.

Jason Douglas

Falls Church


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