Letters to the Editor: Pleased With How Founders Row Ended Up 


Letters to the Editor: September 27 – October 3, 2018


Pleased With How Founders Row Ended Up


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who worked so long and tirelessly to make the Founders Row project into the final version it has become. The traffic it will generate, and the large number of rental units it will contain, will have a major impact on the neighborhoods it abuts, but the overall look of the design has improved. Much of the improvement is due to the community involvement during the initial approval, amendment approval, and site plan approval processes. I am grateful Mill Creek heard the citizens’ requests, no matter how trivial they may have seemed, and acted on many of those, to include modifying the design to reduce one level of height along West Street and removing the branding logo slated for the neighborhood side of the façade.

As the City continues to grow and change, with more mixed-use developments included in the comprehensive plan, I hope others will become actively involved and vocal regarding developments proposed and approved to ensure we get what is best for everyone.

Lisa Varouxis

Falls Church


Brick Sidewalks Would be a Mistake For Park Ave.


I read with dismay that the sprucing up of Park Avenue will include brick sidewalks. These might look pretty, but they are a significant enough safety and accessibility problem that many cities, including San Francisco, are removing them.

Unless assiduously maintained, bricks create problems for anyone using a walker, crutches or a wheelchair — or even a stroller. Unevenness, broken corners, complete or partial erosion of a brick: all issues for anyone with mobility problems. In addition, when wet they are very slippery.

I urge the city to abandon this idea and research concrete pavers that will make that part of the city truly inclusively walkable.

Chris Raymond

Falls Church


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