Northam Calls for Aug. 30 Special Session on Redistricting

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam today signed a proclamation calling the members of the Virginia General Assembly into special session on Thursday, Aug. 30 for the purpose of redrawing districts of the Virginia House of Delegates. Northam stated, “It is in the public interest for the General Assembly to finalize constitutional maps as soon as possible – Virginians deserve that clarity. I am calling a special session so we can focus our collective attention on doing what’s right: working together to draw lines that represent Virginians fairly.”

Northam’s proclamation states:

“In accordance with the provisions of Article IV, Section 6, and Article V, Section 5, of the Constitution of Virginia and the powers thereby vested in the Governor to call a Special Session of the General Assembly;

I, Ralph S. Northam, Governor of Virginia, do hereby summon the members of the Senate and the House of Delegates, constituting the General Assembly of Virginia, to meet in Special Session in their respective chambers in the Capitol at Richmond, commencing the thirtieth of August, two thousand and eighteen, for the purpose of redrawing the districts of the Virginia House of Delegates.”