2024-07-17 6:30 AM

F.C. Library Now Has Thermal Imaging Cameras

(Photo: City of Falls Church)

The Mary Riley Styles Public Library has announced the addition of two new thermal imaging cameras to their popular Energy Lending Library. Established in 2017, the Energy Lending Library allows Library cardholders to take home thermal imaging cameras and books that will help identify areas of energy waste in homes. Thermal imaging cameras see what your eyes can’t. They help identify hot and cold spots in the home, indicating where insulation is missing and where air leaks occur.

The expanded Energy Lending Library now has four portable thermal camera devices that attach to a smartphone: two iOS attachments that connect directly to an iPhone or iPad Lighting port, one attachment that connects to Android devices using USB-C, and one attachment that connects to Android devices with Micro-USB. The Energy Lending Library was funded by a grant from the Village Preservation and Improvement Society. Since its inception last year, the cameras have been “checked-out” 70 times and the iOS camera has had a continuous hold list since it was first introduced. The two additional cameras will allow the library to serve more patrons, which in turn supports the City’s vision that protecting and nurturing a healthy natural environment is one of our highest callings.





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