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Letters to the Editor: Help Save Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean


Letters to the Editor: June 21 – 27, 2018


Help Save Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean


I am afraid that many in our community may be unaware that a beloved local institution, the Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean, is slated by the National Park Service to close at the end of this year unless citizens act now to convince Congress and/or the Interior Department to stop its closure.

It would be a pity to lose this local treasure, where visitors experience what life was like in 1771 for poor farmers, with historical interpreters bringing the past to life. Visitors can see (and smell) farm animals, join in the annual wheat and tobacco harvests and try out traditional crafts like candle making. The thrice-annual market fair weekends are popular events, featuring unique vendors, food cooked over an open fire and a variety of ales.

One might assume that the farm is set to close due to lack of funds, but in fact the farm does not cost the NPS a dime; a nonprofit group, Friends of Claude Moore Colonial Farm, runs the farm and pays all of the bills through entrance fees, donations, bookstore sales and rental of the adjacent Pavilions of Turkey Run. For unclear reasons, the NPS refuses to renew a long-term agreement with the group. Instead, the NPS said that it will only sign a short-term agreement with terms that would make it impossible to operate the farm and then announced that it would close the entire site on Dec. 21.

Rep. Barbara Comstock has introduced a bill to save the farm. Please call your representative and senators and urge them to expedite its passage. Also please contact the Department of the Interior (202-208-3100 or feedback@ios.doi.gov) to urge them to stop the farm’s closure. More information at 1771.org/savethefarm.

Richard Hunter

Falls Church


Setting the Record Straight on Don Beyer Volvo


I’d like to set the record straight for Arlington’s Jeff Walyus. (June 14, 2018, Letters to the Editor, ‘Rep. Beyer and Climate Change RE: Beyer Auto’) Don Beyer Volvo is owned equally by Don and Mike Beyer, sons of their late founding father Don Beyer Sr.

Rep. Don Beyer cannot liquidate our family business without my husband CEO/Owner Michael Beyer. Don Beyer Volvo/Beyer Auto Group is well into a third generation with a fourth generation of Beyer Virginians in training!

We employ a “family” of 325 amazing people from around the globe who work hard each day to serve our community. It is best not to assume that one man has the power to dissolve our beloved family business.

June Beyer

Falls Church


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