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Letters to the Editor: Where Was the Outrage During Obama Years?


Letters to the Editor: June 14 – 20, 2018


Where Was the Outrage During Obama Years?


Your tag team sermons, Paul Krugman’s “What the Matter with Europe,” and your own “Ray Cohn and Donald Trump,” May 24, page 30 impose on your readers your schizophrenic struggle to decide whether Trump is Hitler or Chairman Mao. “The Weimar still had the formal authority to stop Hitler,” you preach.

Where was that government when Obama was prosecuting journalists himself and using the IRS to police and deny dozens of non-profits tax exemptions on the basis of the content of their speech? Where was the Obama Justice Department when he and a one-vote majority of the Court forced Americans to purchase a product (health insurance) as a condition of being a human and a citizen of a “democracy?”

Where were the voices of justice within the Democratic Party when Obama unfroze Iranian assets in pursuit of a questionable nuclear deal that enabled that ruthless regime to sow yet more devastation throughout the Middle East?

You selectively wish to use the levers of justice to impose your vision of power and subject yourself and your profession to mockery.

C. Greg Carroll



If Beyer Cares About Climate Change, He Should Focus on Cars


Kudos to Don Beyer for calling out President Trump for working to increase the production of the fossil fuels needed to power the cars sold by Don Beyer’s car dealerships! Since Rep. Beyer is so concerned about the supply side of the fossil fuel consumption and its impact on climate change, perhaps he’ll address it by liquidating his dealerships and investing all proceeds in renewable energy production?

Jeff Walyus



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