Mason High Theater Troupe Performs at Cappies

A record high number of Cappie (Critics Award Program for high school students) nominations, ten, did not lead to any George Mason High School winners at the Cappies’ gala Sunday night, but Mason students were invited to perform the song, “His Name is Lancelot,” from their fall musical before a full house of students, administrators, teachers and family on the stage at the Kennedy Center concert hall Sunday night. The performance brought the house down with cheers and laughter, according to reports.

The Mason student nominees were Angela Dilao, Laura Duffett, Emily Ives, Shannon Rodgers, Jack Evans, Sarah Fong, Sofia Heartney, Caroline Russell, Victoria Bysfield, Josh Reitinger, Miles Jackson, Will Langan, Morgan O’Keefe, Charlie Boland, Elizabeth Reid, Jasper Litton, Michael Curtin and Ciara Curtin.