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Letters to the Editor: When Will Enough Development Be Enough?


Letters to the Editor: May 31 – June 6, 2018


When Will Enough Development Be Enough?


How much more is it going to take before county and city officials realize that enough is enough regarding continued development. I am referring to the article which appeared in the Editorial section dated May 24, titled “F.C. Ready for Regional Boom.”

The area is now almost in a complete “gridlock” situation and by encouraging more development we will only exacerbate the problem. I sometimes wonder when our officials contemplate further development do they take into consideration how this will affect the citizens of Falls Church and the surrounding area?

The push for further development I think is quite clear, more revenue to fill the coffers of the local government and no doubt an increase in real estate and other regional taxes again at the expense of the individual which will effect especially the ones on a fixed income.
If a push for more development is undertaken it will also put an extra burden on our emergency services, local city Police and Fire departments not to mention the increase of vehicular traffic.

In my opinion I think a complete comprehensive review should be undertaken by city and county planners before any final decisions are made for this undertaking and how it will affect the public at large.

Doug Goodgion

Falls Church


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