2024-07-21 7:41 PM

Grace Christian Students Put on 2 Performances

JORDAN TUMAN belts out some lyrics while portraying Willy Wonka in the recent Grace Christian Academy production. (Photo: Peter Kiesel, PMK Photography)

The scholars at Grace Christian Academy (GCA) presented a double bill to audiences on May 18. The students in grades K4 –2nd performed “Pajama Party.” The upper grades 3 –8 presented “Willy Wonka Kids.”

Toting their favorite stuffed animals, the pajama-clad younger grades charmed the audience with their presentation of a musical revue dedicated to everyone’s favorite time of day – bedtime. The scholars displayed their choral talents as they sang “Marching Orders” in a four-part canon. (“Brush Your Teeth, Pick up Your Toys, Put Your Pajamas On, Bath Time – Splish Splash Rub a Dub Dub.”) “Under My Bed,” a song about a monster prowling down below, featured a choreographed nod to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as well as a surprise (and thoroughly terrifying) ending. The highlight of the performance was the tap dance dedicated to the scholars’ “Cozy, Special Friend.”

The 3rd through 8th-grade scholars followed up with “Willy Wonka Kids,” a musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s story about Charlie Bucket and his magical visit to a chocolate factory. The show began with a musical number about Willy Wonka’s impending retirement and his search for a replacement. The role of Willy Wonka was well-cast to Jordan Tuman. Surrounded by the green-haired singing and dancing Oompa Loompas, Jordan perfectly captured Wonka’s mischievous twinkle, while the role of Charlie Bucket was performed by Jason Wattles.

Kari Hurley, music teacher at Grace Christian Academy, directed and choreographed the stage rendition of this popular tale. Special recognition goes to the GCA scholars, assisted by talented parent volunteers Tricia Visscher and Katy Falk, for their notable costume and set design. Both performances delighted the audience almost as much as it seemed to delight the cast itself.





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