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Students Explore Biology Just in Time for Spring

(Photo: FCCPS Photo/Sara Baygents)

AS SPRING BEGINS to rear its head, classes throughout Falls Church City Public Schools are shifting their focus to biology classes, covering everything from animal plant and bug life that can be found out in the environment. Jessie Thackrey Preschool students (left) in the Frog Room are beginning a unit on insects where they are using Play-Doh to make caterpillars and butterflies and understand the different parts of each insects. Once the weather warms up and the usual April showers subside for a day, the class is hoping to take a trip outside to see some real insects.

(Photo: FCCPS Photo/Corrie Wright)

MEANWHILE, second grade students at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School are grabbing their magnifying glasses to observe the anatomy of seeds to understand native plants.