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A Paean to ‘Pi Day 2018’

A convergence of two or more uniquely poignant, visible events in the same time frame can signal that a transformational alteration of the cosmos has taken place.

This happened abundantly on “Pi Day” this year, on March 14, 2018, named “Pi Day” because by being 3-14 on the calendar, it corresponds with the first three digits of the infamous “Archimedes constant,” or what you get dividing the circumference of a circle by its diameter, also known as the Greek letter, pi.

By being an “irrational number” that has no end (i.e. 3.14159 and on and on in perpetuity), ‘pi’ is already associated with concepts of the infinite and cosmic, subject to all kinds of spiritual connotations and interpretations in the process.

So, on March 14, 2018, the mere fact it was “Pi Day” was signal in and of itself, signal Number One.

But then there were these other things:

Signal Number Two — The result of the special election in Pennsylvania was finally determined, with a Democrat scoring an astonishing victory in a special congressional election in the heart of Republican country,

Signal Number Three — it was a national high school student walkout day, when tens of thousands of high schoolers from all across the U.S. filed peacefully out of their classrooms at 10 a.m. and gathered for solemn commemorations of the 17 students slain one month earlier in the Valentine’s Day massacre at a school in Parkland, Florida, and to protest the lack of significant legislative action on gun control in the meantime.

The juxtaposition of the Democratic upset by Conor Lamb and the mass action of youth from coast to coast was clearly a sign, a signal, a radiant new morning in America, an invitation to unleash a tsunami of optimism that can transform the entire globe.

Signal Number Four — As if to seal the deal, the passing beyond the limitations of this earthly realm of the world’s most accomplished cosmologist Stephen Hawking was perhaps the most conclusive omen, ratifying and sanctifying the other three.

So, let’s focus on the main point before us: That three million Americans will turn 18 this year, becoming old enough to vote for the first time, and royally pissed at the fakery, hypocrisy and cowardice of today’s Republican majority establishment.

When there are images in your head of your cherished high school friends having their brains blown out and splattered on a wall before your very eyes, whether you were an eyewitness or can visualize it through powers of empathy, you don’t have a lot of patience for the mumbling dissembling of pasty old white men pleading to defend their inaction and continued support for the NRA.

That, plus the energy of a revived women’s sensibility beginning with the marches of millions following the regrettable inauguration 14 months ago and gaining steam with the #metoo and #timesup movements, and we have a veritable revolution of society’s systemic disenfranchised.

What has arisen out of the dark side is an almost perfect archetype of the white male supremacist pig in America’s current president Trump. He has internalized the attributes of pure evil, a grotesque kraken-like figure whose demeanor and behavior embody in almost mythic proportions an overlord who objectifies, terrorizes and subjugates his subjects, women, children and slaves.

His insatiable appetite for a certain type of much younger woman takes the allegorical form of a pornographic cannibalism, a devouring, and he is cruel and indifferent to children, the elderly and all over whom he claims, by being a white male, dominion.

This foul vision has stirred in his would-be subjected people a primordial urging of fear, anger and resolve to resist and overcome that has not been called forth from the free and sovereign people of the United States since its revolution to cast off tyranny and establish the republic it its beginning. It is a visceral reaction arising out of the depths of a free and freedom-loving people.

This is the spirit loose in the land today, the spirit now endorsed and enhanced by the cosmic convergences on “Pi Day 2018.” It will carry us through to vanquish the enemy and set forth our new Golden Age.  


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