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Letters to the Editor: March 8 – 14, 2018


F.C. Residents, Take Pride in Where You Live


In response to a Letter to the Editor I read in the News-Press concerning the big trash problem on South Maple Avenue, I am shocked that this person thinks that all the taxes they pay provides them their own personal cleanup crew.

I lived in the City of Falls Church for over 50 years before retiring to another state. The City has always given the appearance as a very clean city, even S. Maple Ave. When I left the City they had a street sweeping contractor that swept the city at least twice a year. The refuse men (who are awesome) never left any debris laying in the street. If a call came in to the Environmental Services or Public Works that debris was being stored in a tree trunk, they would have come out and contacted the owner or cleaned it up themselves and then billed the homeowner. The high tax rate you are paying and will continue to pay will be for the schools and the high quality of services you receive on a daily basis.

Back in my day, instead of whining about something, you did something yourself to correct it. If you see a piece of trash or debris collecting, put on a pair of gloves and clean it up. Take pride in where you live, don’t wait for others. If this is too much for you to do, then ask your local boy scout troop, school activities club or any church agency to see if they will adopt the street. Then they will do a semi-annual clean up.

Enjoy the fruits that all of the past and present citizens have made “The City of Falls Church” a place you want to call home.

Jacqueline Swartwout



City Planners Should Look to Texas Pilot Rideshare Program


Last week’s paper noted the plans for a bus route down Broad St. Given the already overly-congested four-lane road I would like to suggest our city’s transportation planners investigate the pilot program in Arlington, Texas as an alternative. It uses Uber-like on-demand rideshare with city-provided vans and a fixed fee to be picked up anywhere and taken anywhere in the area.

Diane Mulraz

Falls Church


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