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Fairfax Co. Channel Adds Black History Programs

Fairfax County’s own nonprofit cable network, Fairfax Public Access (FPA), is premiering a special series of new films celebrating the heroism of black Americans in World War II and documentaries examining the Civil Rights movement, throughout February, Black History Month, 2018. The FPA cable network is carried by Verizon FiOS TV and Cox Communications in Fairfax County, and by Comcast in Reston. These specials will air on FPA SPIRITUAL TV 36 and FPA CHANNEL 10.

“The story of the contributions and sacrifices of black Americans in the battle to defeat the forces of fascism, during World War II, is a rich and powerful story – and one which deserves to be told,” states Chuck Peña, executive director of Fairfax Public Access Television. “The determination of dedicated activists during the Civil Rights Era changed the course of history that [benefitted] all Americans.

The films exploring black Americans’ valor during World War II include “The Negro Soldier” (1942), which presents the role and history of African American soldiers – both men and women – in the service of their country with emphasis on the World War II fight against the Axis powers;

“The Negro Sailor” (1945), presenting African Americans’ heroism in the U.S. Navy at sea during the war against the Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan; “Teamwork” (1945), showing the importance of African American soldiers serving in the Army’s Red Ball Express and other units, during the liberation of Europe, following D-Day; and “Wings for This Man” (1945) and “Tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen” (1990), both of which celebrate America’s first black combat pilots – the Tuskegee Airmen, who served with great courage and were awarded a Distinguished Unit Citation for “outstanding performance and extraordinary heroism over Europe,” 95 Distinguished Flying Crosses, one Silver Star, one Legion of Merit, 14 Bronze Stars, 744 Air Medals and Clusters, and eight Purple Hearts.