Letters to the Editor: There’s a Big Trash Problem on S. Maple Ave.


Letters to the Editor: February 15 – 21, 2018


There’s a Big Trash Problem on S. Maple Ave.


South Maple Avenue has a big trash problem. We have been living in Falls Church for more than a year and feel like this part of the city has been totally neglected. There is a hollow tree trunk across from the Henderson house that serves as an unintended trashcan, and the street itself is littered with all kinds of discarded packages and cigarette butts. Falls Church appears on the Forbes list of richest counties every year but it sure doesn’t feel like it on South Maple. I just came back from Roanoke, which is supposed to be poorer, but was spotlessly clean. Given all we spend on a new high school building and the library renovation, surely there must be some money available to send a cleaning crew to South Maple once a week, at least? Falls Church can and should do better.

Oytun Palas

Falls Church


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