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Winners of Henderson and TJ Geo Bees Recognized

Taking the top nine in the school down to the one winner of the Mary Ellen Henderson (MEH) Geography Bee showcased the breadth of knowledge of these students. Congratulations to eighth grader Nicholas Teply, MEH’s winner. Teply will take the state qualifying test to determine eligibility for the state Bee in Farmville, Virginia later this year.

Congratulations also go to the other eight participants, including second place winner Daniel Campbell and third place winner Jack Biggs, both of who are also eighth graders. The students showed truly impressive global knowledge and analytical skills, rising to the top of a field of the over 600 MEH participants.

The Thomas Jefferson Geography Bee school champion, fourth grader Atticus Kim was crowned after narrowing down fourth and fifth graders through classroom competition to the 10 students with the highest scores across their grade. The ten students competed in the TJ championship round run by Ms. Heidi Lang.