Letters to the Editor: FCNP Columnists Should Also ‘Stand for Truth’


Letters to the Editor: January 11 – 17, 2018


FCNP Columnists Should Also ‘Stand for Truth’


The News-Press’s call for us to “Stand With Us For Truth” in its Dec. 28 sounds like a great principle. At least it would, if its decrying “Disregard for the truth, in favor of whatever advances a personal or political agenda, is an assault on those on the receiving end of such dissembling and lying” weren’t endorsed 10 pages later by allowing our Rep. Beyer do exactly that. He throws out the falsehood that no working class Americans will be helped by the recently passed tax cut, while the left-leaning Tax Policy Center states that 80 percent of Americans will benefit. His concern about the tax cuts expiring in a few years is touching — if only he knew of someone with the power to vote to retain them! His concern for our ballooning debt would ring truer if he didn’t support our last president, whose $10 trillion addition to our debt made the $5 trillion added by his predecessor look frugal.

And finally, allowing people to keep the money they’ve earned is not a “wealth transfer,” and suggesting otherwise is dishonest. If he’s so concerned that not enough of his windfall from the tax cuts will reach his employees, perhaps he can show that he’s capable of generosity absent a government mandate and can hand out bonuses as a number of other companies have done. Or, at the very least he can create more jobs by using his extra income to invest in expanding his business of worsening climate change by putting more carbon spewing automobiles on the roads.

Jeff Walyus



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