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Final Notice for Methods to Help Support GIVE Day

GIVE Day is a service learning event for Thomas Jefferson Elementary (601 S. Oak St., Falls Church) school families that takes place at the school on Monday, Jan. 15 from 10 a.m. – noon. It is run by TJ’s 5th grade ambassadors, who decide on that year’s focus for GIVE Day. They are responsible for the planning, publicity and fundraising for the event as well.

This year the ambassadors decided to focus on issues of hunger and disaster relief and are partnering with Food for Others, who provide power packs to local schools for children needing food over the weekend. For disaster relief, the ambassadors found two elementary schools that were impacted by hurricanes this summer. Tinsley Elementary in Houston is in need of school supplies and Riverdale Elementary in Orlando, which took in 32 students from Puerto Rico, is in need of emergency clothing.

GIVE Day participants’ goal is to assemble 1500 power packs for Food for Others, 50 hurricane care packages for Orlando and 300 school supply packs for Houston. To meet these goals, the participants estimate that this will cost $14,500 in donations, including shipping.

Donations can be made online at