Merchant Opposition Erupts to Downtown Plaza

A concept photo of the plaza in downtown Falls Church. (Photo: City of FC)

A petition signed by representatives of every one of the businesses in the impacted 100 block of W. Broad Street was forwarded to the News-Press Wednesday, protesting the plans for a plaza in the space between the Hunan and Hot N’ Juicy Crawfish restaurants. Citing the elimination of 12 parking spots in the parking-tight area if the plans go through, the petition opposes the project proposed by the City’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) and to be paid for with $500,000 in EDA funds.

“It is our contention that keeping the existing public parking spaces available to patrons is vastly more important to our businesses than an expansion of the park/plaza,” the petition reads. “The clear and simple petition with 100 percent of all business owners on this corner proves there is no support for this project.” It adds that nine of 10 businesses across Maple Street have also signed the petition, along with Ireland’s Four Provinces restaurant directly across the street. “We live and breathe in this part of the City every day, and strongly agree that parking losses would hurt our businesses,” the petition reads.

No single organization is identified with the circulation of the petition, but signers included representatives of businesses that include Brown’s Hardware, the Little City Creamery, Dominion Camera, Cue Recording, F.C. Ballet, Apna Bazaar, New to You, the Unity Club, Hot N’ Juicy restaurants, Hunan Restaurant, Dogwood Tavern, the CVS, Orpheus Music, Floris Beauty Salon, Allstate Insurance, Action Music, Naudus Decorating, CD Cellar, Town and Country Properties, High Fi Heaven, Command Performance, Global Phone Corp., Polu Kai Services, Clay Cafe Studios, Rare Bird Coffee Roasters, Pho 88, Manekineko Restaurant, Lucky Thai Restaurant, Father and Son Barber Shop, Paisano’s, Curves, The Local Market, Juliet’s Legacy at the Falls Church Antiques, and the Ireland’s Four Provinces.