Reported Rape Spurs Investigation

A sexual assault crime between acquaintances took place in Falls Church City on or around Nov. 29. The crime is currently under investigation by City of Falls Church Police.

According to the City of Falls Church’s crime report for the week of Nov. 27 – Dec. 3, 2017 published today, the incident occurred at City Hall (300 Park Ave.).

City Public Information Officer Susan Finarelli clarified that the incident did not occur at City Hall, but was instead reported there, hence why that location was listed on the report. Finarelli also did not have any information regarding the sex of the victim and the perpetrator or why the actual location of the incident wasn’t in the crime report. However, Finarelli did confirm that the victim knows the perpetrator, but an arrest hasn’t been made at this time.

The City hasn’t made itself available to questions about the status of an arrest, the nature of the victim and perpetrator’s relationship, any physical identifiers about the victim and the perpetrator or specific details about the location and time of day the incident occurred.

Police are requesting that if you have any information regarding this crime to contact 703-241-5050 (TTY 711).