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Update on Bond Referendum Passed by Fairfax County

As a part of the Nov. 7 general election ballot, Fairfax County Public Schools put forward a bond referendum of its own that would cover up to $315 million and help fund the construction of two new elementary schools in the Fairfax/Oakton area as well as a separate school in the county’s northwestern region, the relocation of one of the county’s modular buildings, capacity additions to three pre-existing high schools and enter planning or construction renovations of 10 elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools.

The bond referendum passed overwhelmingly, receiving support from 73 percent of voters (228,108 votes out of 313,688 ballots cast). The bond referendum was also endorsed by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

Locally, the bond referendum will support the planning phase of renovations for Falls Church High School, enable capacity additions for J.E.B. Stuart (Justice) High School and will initiate construction renovations for Annandale Terrace Elementary School. For more information about the bond referendum, visit