Fairfax Chief Defends Arrest of F.C. Man

Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin C. Roessler Jr. defended his officers involved in an arrest Saturday morning at the annual Annandale Parade, according to a statement from the department. In that account, the man was standing in the street at Gallows Road and Columbia Pike blocking the start of the parade, cursing, and allegedly causing a disturbance.

The preliminary investigation showed that Fairfax officers asked him to move out of the street and to stop using obscene language due to other parade spectators around him. The man refused to comply with the commands and other officers assisted with placing him under arrest. Due to his refusal to comply with police orders, to include showing his hands, he was taken to the ground to maintain control and ensure the safety of not only the officers, but also others in the area. Wilfred Michael Stark III, 49 of Falls Church, was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest.

After the arrest, the chief was notified and immediately ordered the incident be reviewed by the Internal Affairs Bureau, according to the department’s statement.