Letters to the Editor: Why Not Build a 2nd High School in F.C.?


Letters to the Editor: September 21 – 27, 2017


Why Not Build a 2nd High School in F.C.?


Having now lived in the City of Falls Church for three years, it seems as though our schools are in constant crisis as the student population continues to grow. Responding to Susan Kearney’s guest commentary in the last edition, with an additional 583 students forecasted by 2031, should we be talking about replacing a high school, or adding a second high school?

Having grown up in Lexington County, South Carolina, I see parallels. My former school district faced the same the decision — replace the existing campus or build a second. They wisely chose to build a second as their initial student growth projections were woefully inadequate. They finished construction of their third high school less than 12 years later.

We all want our schools to be safe, secure, and modern, but I think just as important, we want to live in an affordable place. Our taxes are already high and to build a new school and then realize a few years later we need a second, means those tax dollars were spent unwisely.

Erika Myers

Falls Church

Sad to See Chef Express Closing Its Doors


I have been a resident of Falls Church since 1959 and, for the last 20 some years, have always gone to a little Chinese carryout, Chef Express, located beside the Domino’s and Staples inside the West Falls Center. I was just there Sunday and to my dismay the manager, who I always look forward talking to, told me they were closing up shop. He said the rent had gone up and it was too much for them to afford. This is so sad, it seems this area is too expensive to run a business in anymore. So many great places are gone due to the high cost of rental space. Their closing date is September 24.

I hope people that loved to go there will stop by and say good-bye, I’m sure the people at Chef Express will love to hear from them.

L.R. Sullivan

Falls Church


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