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Critter Corner: Cowboy

Rest In Peace to a dear friend of the Falls Church community, Cowboy Bo Bo Buchly. The ten year old kitty was stricken with an aggressive case of colon cancer and passed away on July 31. He will be sorely missed by the Buchly family, especially his number one human Brenda, as they shared many hunks of cheese and games of hide and seek during their decade together. Cowboy was highly intelligent and graceful, demonstrated by his prompt reactions to high-five commands and slick manuevering around Brenda’s candle-laden abode. He was also a true house cat and would let guests know they were in his territory by growling at them when they came to the door. The News-Press expresses our sincerest condolecences to Brenda, who didn’t just lose a pet a month ago, she lost a best friend.