Crime Report: Porta Potty Destruction, Stolen Bikes & a Fake ID

It was a busy week of crime in the City of Falls Church according to the latest crime report which included the destruction of a porta-potty on Gundry Drive.

Bicycle thefts continued with a bike stolen from a rack at the Lincoln at Tinner Hill and the report of a bike stolen earlier this month from the garage of Byron Apartments. There were several more hit and runs including incidents on Gundry Drive and Virginia Ave. and one in the Giant parking lot. There were four drunk-in-public arrests with two people also involved in destruction of property at Mike’s Deli.

Other crimes included a smashed garden pot on W. Marshall St., an assault and battery on E. Jefferson, a man was pick pocketed in a Kaiser elevator and a 19-year-old woman was cited for having a fake ID at Clare & Don’s.


City of Falls Church Crime Report: August 28 – September 3, 2017

Larceny from Building, 513 W Broad St (Byron Apartments), August 6 at 02:44 AM, video showed a Cannondale mountain bicycle being stolen from the bike lockup area of the garage. Suspect described as a thin, approximately 6’2” younger black male wearing a blue string plastic knapsack style bag and possibly having tattoos on his right forearm. The cable lock was cleanly cut in half. Bicycles from the Byron have a small blue diamond shaped sticker on the frame. Investigation continues.

Hit and Run, 200 blk Gundry Dr, between Aug 19 and 24, a vehicle parked on the street was struck by another vehicle which left the scene.

Hit and Run, 1230 W Broad St (Giant parking lot), Aug 29, between 6:40 and 6:55 PM, a parked vehicle was struck by another vehicle which left the scene.

Trespass, 201 S Washington St (7-11), August 30, 11:49 AM, a male, 33, of Catlett, VA, was issued a summons for Trespass.

Destruction of Property, 100 blk W Marshall St, between Aug 29 and 12:35 PM Aug 30, a garden pot was smashed on a walkway.

Drunk in Public, 223 Little Falls St (City of Falls Church Community Center), August 30, 6:40 PM, a male, 34, of no fixed address was arrested for
being Drunk in Public.

Assault and Batter, 100 blk E Jefferson St, Sept 1 6:10 AM, a male, 25, of the City of Falls Church, was arrested for Assault and Batter.

Destruction of Property, 300 blk Gundry Dr, Sept 1, 2:30 AM, a residential wooden fence, a street sign and a portable blue toilet were damaged by an unknown suspect, possibly driving a darker, older model sedan.

Hit and Run, 300 blk S Virginia Ave, between 5 PM Aug 30 and 7:30 AM Sept 1, a vehicle was struck by another vehicle which left the scene.

Larceny – Pocket Picking, 201 N Washington St (Kaiser Permanente Health Care), Sept 1, 12:20 PM, victim reported that while riding an elevator his wallet was taken. Suspect described as a tall, approximately 6`02, black male, with a large build, wearing black dress pants, and black dress shoes. Investigation continues.

Larceny Theft From Building, 455 S Maple Ave (Lincoln at Tinner Hill), between 3:30 PM, Aug 28 and 6 PM Sept 1, a bicycle was stolen from a locked bike rack in the apartment parking garage.

Drug – Narcotic Violation, 300 blk E Annandale Rd, Sept 2, 10:14 AM, following a routine traffic stop, a male, 27, of Falls Church, was issued a summons for Possession of Marijuana.

Drunk in Public, Park Ave/Little Falls St, Sept 2, 3:42 PM, a male, 34, of no fixed address, was arrested for being Drunk in Public.

Drunk in Public, Trespass, Destruction of Property, 112 N West St (Mike’s Deli), Sept 3, 3:04 AM, a male, 60, of no fixed address, was arrested for Drunk in Public, Trespass and Destruction of Property. A male, 25, of no fixed address, was arrested for being Drunk in Public and Destruction of Property.

Larceny from Vehicle, 200 blk Midvale St, between 10:30 PM Sept 2 and 9 AM Sept 3, items of value were taken from two unlocked vehicles parked in a driveway.

Tampering With Auto, 200 blk Noland St, between 10 PM Sept 2 and 2 PM, Sept 3, an unsecured vehicle was entered and searched by an unknown suspect. Nothing was taken and there was no damage to the vehicle.

Possession of a Fictitious Operator’s License, 130 N Washington St (Clare and Don’s Beach Shack), Sept 3, 6:24 PM, a female, 19, of Washington DC, was issued a summons for Possession of a Fictitious ID.


August 28, a male, 53, of no fixed address, was taken into custody on a Contempt of Court charge. The underlying charge was trespass.