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Ex-Resident Seeks to Stake Claim in New City Council

Former Falls Church city resident Carol Jackson is currently campaigning to be on the November 7 ballot to represent her new home and community in James Island, South Carolina on the Charleston City Council.

Jackson is a clear underdog in attempting to unseat current three term incumbent, Kathleen Wilson, who is running for her 4th term. According to Jackson, Wilson’s past and present representation of District 12 is bristled at by local residents. This includes citing failures to correct severe storm water management systems, an influx of high speed traffic that is congested onto two commercial byways, residential infills occurring at a rapid pace and ambiguous but escalating commercial development that has citizens wondering whether it will benefit them in the long run. Due to this, Wilson is receiving substantially less citizen support and is priming Jackson to challenge her position on the council.

During her time in Falls Church, Jackson was known as an outspoken and persistent advocate for affordable housing in the City. She served as director of the Affordable Housing Development Corporation where she championed her causes frequently. In the summer of 2015, Jackson announced that she would be moving to her new home in Charleston with her husband, Charlie.