Best of Falls Church 2017 Editors’ Picks: BEST Retail Piped-In Music


(Photo: Nicholas F. Benton)

They say that “music soothes the savage beast,” and I know that works on the savage beast in me. So, when one is beset with a deluge of errands to run for this or that, if the errands happen to include a trip to the cleaners, and one’s savage beast is running amok from the day’s pressures, honking rudely at misfit drivers and yelling at tardy red lights, then if that cleaners happens to be our friends at the Spectrum Cleaners in the horseshoe drive that includes Mad Fox, Koi Koi and Panera, along with others, in the 400 block of W. Broad Street, then the savage is suddenly soothed by the piped in musical strains that can be heard therein.

There’s nothing that special or complicated about how they do it. They simply have a radio tuned to WETA-FM, the region’s only classical music station. And unless that station is on one of its annoying (but necessary) fundraising drives, or unless it has succumbed to the foul pressures to convert its wonderful classical music mission over to sloppy, deathly dull, redundant and boring so-called “holiday carols” in December, then you and your inner beast are in for a treat everytime you take your stuff into there.

Even better, you will discover that when you get back into your car after loving what you’ve had to hear for a precious few moments, you can dial up 90.9 FM on the dial and can continue your bliss through the rest of the frantic episodes of your day.

Spectrum Cleaners | 450 W. Broad St. #130 | Falls Church | 703-237-2889