Best of Falls Church 2017 Editors’ Picks: BEST Piped-In Music At a Restaurant


Normally, when one is mulling options to go to, or to take family and friends to, a really nice restaurant, the decisions are made according to the quality of the food, the location, the price and the general ambiance of the place. But in thinking of the ambiance, we normally think of the stuff that goes into the appearance of the place from the inside, like nice art, and other stuff hanging off the walls, for example, and whether or not the noise level inside the place suits the mood and purpose of the meal.

Unfortunately, we all know there are some establishments in the City of Falls Church that might otherwise be great for dining, except for a boisterous clientele that hangs out at the bar that is too close to the dining area. Well, Argia’s can sport a noisy bar crowd around happy hour from time to time, but it is well insulated from the main dining area, which is graced by, in addition to large bay windows looking out on the City’s central Broad and Washington intersection, a full wall’s-length colorful painting of a scene of daily life in Florence, Italy, during the Renaissance. It is a delightful work, with many details to make it interesting. But for our purposes now, the honors go to Argia’s for their piped-in music via Pandora on the Internet, whose most popular choice is the lyrical Simon and Garfunkel channel that includes, in addition to the boys, vocals by Billy Joel, Van Morrison, Donovan, Don McLean and, well, you get the idea.

Without even realizing it, you’re thoroughly enjoying this stuff, if that is, your lifespan has reached into that very mellow, special era.

Argia’s | 124 N. Washington St. | Falls Church |