Letters to the Editor: Guns Kills More Virginians Than Vehicles Each Year


Letters to the Editor: July 13 – 19, 2017


Guns Kills More Virginians Than Vehicles Each Year


Although Falls Church City was blessed with no motor vehicle-related deaths in 2016, as reported in the July 6, Falls Church News-Press, “F.C. Lauded for No Traffic Fatalities in 2016,” we should not overlook the latest data released from the Center for Disease Control and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles for the state of Virginia. In 2015 Virginia fatality information included 946 firearm deaths and 753 motor vehicle-related deaths.

The time is now for us to create change.

Carol Luten

Falls Church


How to Respond When Politicians Spread Lies?


In last week’s edition of the News-Press, Penny Gross lamented that “Governance also requires the highest standard of ethics. Behavior matters. What an elected official says, or tweets, matters.”

Obviously the News-Press’s contributors don’t converse, but it was ironic that on the same page in Dick Salsaw’s Richmond Report cited the allegation that “17 U.S. agencies confirmed our democratic process was violated by a foreign power.”

Hardly a right-wing mouthpiece, the New York Times refuted the 17 agency claim one full week before Sen. Salsaw’s column appeared in the News-Press. Gross goes on to ask what we should do and responds that we should fight. Personally, I agree with her criticisms of the crude tweets we’ve seen from President Trump. The question is that when elected officials are spreading easily refutable lies about him, what is the appropriate response?

Jeff Walyus



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