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Build-Your-Own Composter Workshop

Would you be interested in turning regular household kitchen and yard waste into digestible food or usable material? This workshop can teach you to turn what was once considered rubbish into valuable organic humus and other natural products. This can all be done by harnessing the power of millions of natural microbes and putting them to work inside tumbler-style composters.

Participants will start this workshop with a pile of recycled lumber, a recycled pickle barrel and assorted screws and bolts, but will leave with a fully assembled and functioning tumbler style composter. Event hosts will take you through the construction steps and also give you some primers on proper composting technique to enhance your own experience outside of the workshop. The finished composter will hold 55 gallons of organic material. All lumber will be pre-cut and all tools and materials will be provided.

Many thanks are extended to the composter workshop partners – Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District, ReBuild Warehouse, Virginia Cooperative Extension and Mason Sustainability Institute.

The cost of the workshop is $75 and registration is limited to 15 people, although you may bring helpers to assist with the construction. Workshop is hosted by the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District and is held on Saturday, July 8 from 2 – 5 p.m. at the Community Center (223 Little Falls St., Falls Church). For more information or to register for an upcoming class, email or call 703-248-5456. All tools and materials provided, registration limited to 15.