F.C. Council Threatens to Cut Metro Funding

The prospect of a huge ask from WMATA and Metro next year, the equivalent to six cents on the tax rate for every one of Falls Church’s 14,000 citizens, led the F.C. City Council Monday to modify language in a resolution authorizing this year’s payment to WMATA to say, “The City of Falls Church is paying its fair share, but the current projected increases are not sustainable and may not be approved due to other demands on public money.”

The City currently pays WMATA the equivalent of 2. 5 cents on the tax rate, but it may go up to 6.0 cents next year, City Manager Wyatt Shields cautioned the Council. All this is despite the fact that neither Metro Rail station is actually in the City, and a heavily-used 3B Metro bus line on W. Broad Street was terminated in the last year.