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Letters to the Editor: Media Has ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’


Letters to the Editor: May 25 – 31, 2017


Media Has ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’


For those who watch or read the mainstream media, the newest comedy routine these days is Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), wonderfully on display in the May 11-17 column by the editor. If laughing is beneficial for digestion, my breakfast this morning thanks the editor.

Not so long ago, Democrats, along with their lap dogs in the media, called passionately for the firing of FBI Director Comey. Now, somehow, he has gone from the devil to a martyr in the blink of an eye. All sorts of TDS and fake news is on display. For example, claiming that Comey asked for more money for the big investigation of Russian/Trump collusion in our election. Oops, Andrew McCabe, the temporary head of the FBI whose wife ran as a Democrat for the WVa. state Senate in 2015, said that Comey did not ask for more money during a congressional hearing. And as to the main source of TDS, Russian/Trump campaign collusion in the election, after months of TDS screeching and insane hyperbole, there is no evidence. Again, there is no evidence. But the screeching TDS continues.

To quote former President Obama in 2009, “Elections have consequences, we won, you lost, get over it.”

Unlike Trump, Hillary does have an unsavory Russian connection via the sale of 20 percent of American uranium to Russians in return for millions of dollars of contributions to the Clinton Family Crime Foundation while she was Secretary of State (not to mention the doubled speaking fees in Russia for Bill). Face it, she was a lousy candidate with no message at all. She lost, not because of the Russians, but because blue collar workers in the midwest, who twice voted for Obama voted for Trump.

You want real evidence of collusion in an election? How about Obama sending State Department money and Obama operatives to work openly against Netanyahu in the prime minister’s re-election campaign in 2013? Where were the media lap dogs or our News-Press editor on that one? Answer: napping for eight years.

David Phelps

Falls Church


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