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Middle School Students Show Out In Richmond

Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School students are both coming and going to Richmond to demonstrate their academic prowess in the coming weeks.

MEH students Nicholas and Anna Teply just returned from Richmond this past weekend after participating in the Virginia History Day competition. The two students placed third in the group performance category in the state for their presentation, “Monmouth Rebellion.”

Another batch of MEH students will be making their way down to Richmond for the Virginia Junior Academy of Science symposium. All 12 of the MEH students that submitted papers were invited to present them at the symposium, which will be held in May. They are as follows: Katherine Donovan, Sarah Lamber, Emerson Mellon, Nadia O’Hara, Franklyn Schultz, Tobias Senderowitsch, Matthew Sperry, Cole Tarter, James Trombo, Lara Waldron, Shaw Young, and Ava Zwartjes.