Letters to the Editor: Questions Arise After News of Building Proposal


Letters to the Editor: April 6 – 12, 2017


Questions Arise After News of Building Proposal


As a long-time reader of the News-Press, I offer the following observation: The editor-in-chief has never heard of a high-rise, concrete and glass box proposed for placement in or near “downtown” that he didn’t love.

After studying the 19-paragraph article in last week’s News-Press, a few questions arise. What is the definition of a “Class A” building, and from where does this definition derive? Are there other “Class A” buildings in Falls Church? Aside from one sentence in Paragraph 10; that the existing parking lot behind Clare and Don’s and Argia’s will remain “untouched” there’s no mention of parking for the “Class A” structure, nor is there any hint as to where the entrance will be for the cars of the tenants and occupants of the structure – off Washington St. or Broad Street? One can easily see a back-up blocking the intersection if someone (or a few someones) going east on Broad Street want to turn left into their “Class A” office or apartment. And as far as the City Planning Director’s vision of an “arts and entertainment” neighborhood or the developer’s dream of “restaurant row,” where are the diners and theater-goers going to park?

If the city planners and developers believe that the parking behind and below the Four Provinces and the Kaiser garage will absorb the vehicles then they need to 1) do an on-site survey on a weekend night and then 2) upgrade the lighting and signage at the crosswalks both at Washington and Broad and at Park and Washington. Falls Church has a serious parking crisis and building more “attractions” without addressing this makes no sense.
Lastly, buried in Paragraph 8 is a small item that provokes my final question: Is it not a conflict of interest for the city and the project developers to use the same financial consultant regarding the eventual tax yield?

JoMarie Acosta

Falls Church


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