2024-07-19 3:08 PM

Fairfax Supervisors Adopt Inclusion Resolution

This week the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted to adopt a resolution affirming diversity and inclusion, according to the office of board chair Sharon Bulova.

Its states, among other things, that Fairfax County “is and will continue to be a county that exemplifies values of respect and acceptance; we welcome and celebrate one another’s differences and cultural backgrounds; while immigration is a federal matter, Fairfax County does partner with federal authorities on serious criminal matters when required; we do not ask, nor do we have the resources for, our police officers to become immigration officials, nor for Fairfax County to assume the responsibilities of federal immigration officials; Fairfax County Police successfully engage in community policing, which requires the trust of residents who are not afraid to call law enforcement if their safety is at risk, or to report information that may help to solve a crime; it is the responsibility of our police officers to ensure the safety of Fairfax County residents through community policing rather than through immigration enforcement; Fairfax County Public Schools complies with the federally mandated requirements that we educate all children, regardless of immigration status; the School Board is committed to maintaining a safe, inclusive and welcoming learning environment for all children in our public school system and Fairfax County Public Schools values the richly diverse backgrounds of our students and families; Fairfax County’s diversity makes our community strong and vibrant, and we are proud of what every resident has to offer.”





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