Letters to the Editor: SunCell Technology Is For the Gullible


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SunCell Technology Is For the Gullible


Mr. Whipple’s column on the progress of the SunCell was primarily interesting for its gullibility. For as long as Randall Mills has been working on this project, quantum physicists around the world have been patiently explaining why it cannot work as stated. If Mills sincerely believes in this, he is a poor scientist, and if he does not, he’s a huckster. The column should have made clear the very high risk of investing actual money in this idea.

The phrase “while not as yet accepted by mainstream science” is disingenuous and should be replaced by “while being roundly rejected by mainstream science.” The term “mainstream science,” by the way, implies the existence of “alternative science” which rational people must reject out of hand.

Dave Rockwell

Falls Church,


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