Letters to the Editor: Local Filmmakers’ Movie Can Have a Strong Impact


Letters to the Editor: March 2 – 8, 2017


Local Filmmakers’ Movie Can Have a Strong Impact


Having read the story regarding the local filmmakers Ben Powell and Harry Lee, I’d like to show my appreciation for their effort to make a change.

The matter of the Muslim ban has grown in the past months, and many people’s lives are being affected daily, such as the kids who will be featured in the documentary. In a fast-paced society with many distractions, we mustn’t forget to care about others in our community. 9/11 has left a deep wound in the hearts of the American people, and the road to recovery will be difficult, but a “Muslim ban” will not help heal the wound. It is like putting Band-Aids over a scar — just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean that it does not exist. Although “Somaliland” only highlights one story out of the many others regarding Muslims, there is no doubt that the documentary can make a strong impact on the Muslim ban. Empathy is what makes us human, and I agree with Lee in that, through empathy, we can show that there is a problem with the way we are dealing with the issue.

Rain Zhou

Falls Church


Real Estate Assessments Should Reflect Reality


Interesting that the City listed townhouse assessment rise as 1.43 percent when every townhouse in the corner of Winter Hill next to Harris Teeter went up 5 percent — without regard for lot, actual home improvements, or condition. Everyone got the same assessed values. This after a 3 percent increase the year before. No consideration for what the Harris Teeter complex will do to the property values compared to the rest of the City. Value should be closer to $551,000 using the City’s own numbers.

If a townhouse sells for a high price because $25,000 of work was done, the assessments should reflect that reality.

Michael Baker

Falls Church


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